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Since its creation, Samuel ROCHE has always searched the most and more powerful materials and equipment in order to guarantee to its customers the best quality.

A rigorous selection of threads on the worldwide market, a daily optimization of the production, and a narrow partnership with its suppliers enables us to guarantee quality, security, reliability, according to the current international standards (for each branch of industry).


Samuel Roche testing lab


We use high tenacity synthetic yarns (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, aramids, Kevlar, vectran dyneema…).

For each step, from reception of raw materials to end product delivery, control processes are scrupulously respected. The identification and the traceability of each batch are entirely guaranteed by our team and computer system.

Daily controls during the production are systematically performed as well as statistics measurements.
We have specific enhanced controls for security products which are more frequently submitted to strengthening and lengthening tests, and width and thickness measurements.


Resistance test on a strap


Our quality department delivers certificates of conformity and carries out braking tests on request. Our laboratory is also equipped to carry out color, abrasion and inflammability tests.

Strength test on boat docking strap

Compliance study of a strap



Our R&D team is at our disposal to advise you and help you to develop the most and well adapted product to your needs.

Quality control of a strap



Samuel ROCHE is concerned and involved in the environmental issue. All our waste is sorted by category; Most of them are recycled and revalorized.(yarn, strap, packaging…). Our production processes are equipped with energy recuperators (warm water, hot air..) to decrease consumption and rejections.